L.A. Nails                                             
                                                                  Spa Services
                                                                                                                            Gift Certificates Available

Traditional Manicure                                    $12 

            The solution for the person on the go needing a quick touch up.  Services include cuticle cleaning, hand massage,             warm towel, and polish.

                        With paraffin                       $15

Spa Manicure                                              $18

            The luxurious treatment that is meant to pamper.  Enjoy our exfoliating treatment using our specialized OPI sugar             scrub.  Services include cuticle cleaning, hand massage with warming oil, warm towel, and polish.

                        With paraffin                      FREE


Traditional Pedicure                                     $20

            Rolling massage chair provides the ultimate relaxation.  Services include cuticle cleaning, foot massage, heel             scrubbing, warm towel, and polish.

                       With paraffin                        $25


Spa Pedicure                                               $30

            The luxurious start or end to a wonderful day.  Relax yourself and soothe away your stress with our lemon and             salt scrub exfoliating massage.  Services include cuticle cleaning, callous/heel treatment, warm oil massage, foot             mask, and polish.

                        With paraffin                       $35


Traditional Combo                                        $30

Spa Combo                                                  $45

                                                  Nail Services

Full sets                                                       $22

            Using an acrylic formula, we mold and shape your nails to any preferred length.

                       FREE white tips with full sets


Overlay                                                        $22

            Using acrylic or gel powder over your natural nails aiding in strengthening and hardening them

                       FREE white tips with overlays


Sculpture Nails                                              $35

            Using your natural nails, we extend the length without using glue or nail tips


Fill-ins                                                          $15

            Acrylic fills to maintain your nails


Gel Power Nails                                            $30     

            An alternative to acrylic nails using gel powder to strength your nails

                        Free French tips


Gel Fills                                                        $18

With gel coating & French                              $23


Pink and White                                              $35

Permanent American Nails                              $35     

            Using pink, white, and clear powder, we create long lasting French or American nails


Pink Fill                                                         $18

Pink & White fill                                             $25

Buffing cream for a lasting shine                       FREE


French or American Tips

            Hands                                                 $3

            Toes                                                   $5

Nail Designs                                                    $3 up

Gel Coating                                                     $5

            With French                                        $8

Nail Removal                                                   $10

            With Full set                                        $5

            With Manicure                                     $5

Repair                                                             $3

Polish Change

            Hands                                                 $5

            Toes                                                   $7

Nails cut down                                                

            With any services                              FREE

            Cut down and polish                             $7


            Hands                                                 $5

            Feet: must be with a pedicure



Eyebrows                                                       $8

Chin                                                               $7 up

Upper Lip                                                       $5 up

Upper Forehead                                               $10 up


**We have Spa packages for any special events such as bridal parties, birthdays, graduation, etc.  Ask one of our technicians for more information.
                PARTY OF FOUR + PEDICURE, WINE ON US!!!!